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Academic writing and presentations:
Experiences to celebrate and remember


The book...

by Kim Bradford-Watts

First published 2006

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Academic writing and presentations: Experiences to celebrate and remember has been written for use in a yearlong university level academic writing and presentation course.

The first chapter introduces the stages and options in preparing for writing and presentations. The remaining chapters define broad skill areas to assist learners in writing academic papers and preparing for presentations. The reading passages in each chapter explain the process of preparation, writing, and presentation. The Toolbox provides guidelines and checklists to use in various stages of writing and presenting, and the glossary supports the learners by providing English definitions of new terms.

The focus on the processes involved in writing and presenting allows the instructor to introduce content of their choice about which learners may investigate and write or present. Over the course of the academic year, learners will write more than 10 papers and present about them to audiences of different sizes and types.

Downloadable teacher's notes and will guide you through this simple-to-use text. Moreover, downloadable Microsoft Word document sample materials will allow you to easily configure the forms and organizational materials for your teaching context.

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